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11 SPN Colorbars

So after the 10 hour Supernatural marathon with kyuukumber yesterday, I got a little inspired and made a bunch of colorbars. Not that we don't all need infinite amounts of Sam, Dean and John in our lives, but I tend to get attached to the little things (that, and the raw sexuality of Ed and Harry (Hell House) will not be denied!)

101-120 screencaps from here, 121-122 by me.

No hotlinking. Also, comments for taking would be nice, but it's not required. And if you want to customize the text, go ahead, just keep the link to this post in there. Enjoy!

Supernatural is burning love.

Supernatural's flashlights are physics-defying love.

The Metallicar is love.

Truckzilla is love.

Truckzilla/Metallicar is mechanical love.

Hell House is cracked out love.

Ed and Harry are sexy geeky love.

Michael is adorable, plot-device love.

Pastor Jim is unappreciated love.

Dean Winchester's funny faces are love.

Sam Winchester's funny faces are love.

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